Life Lately: Vlog launch + Superwoman gets tired too!

Life Lately: Vlog launch + Superwoman gets tired too!

My e-familyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy – chai, I have missed you guys! Ah ahn, how now? How are things going with you? What’s popping? Ki lon sele? I know some of you are not very happy with me for being MIA so I am not even going to pretend like I don’t know that this post is coming late. However, instead of trying to give you stories (read excuses) that may or may not touch the heart, let me just say ‘ Sowwwwwwwy’. What is most important is that we are back now, right??? Thank you fam – you deserve ALL the accolades!

Whoosh, now that I am feeling all loved and forgiven, where do I start? This post is a mix of a life update as well as the launch of our first vlog on our YouTube channel (yaaaaay) about my trip to Zimbabwe late last year. Take note of the ‘OUR’, as we are definitely on this journey together so please make sure to subscribe.

Subscribe oooo!!! Tenks a bunsh 🙂

*starts playing Lara George’s Dansaki *

Brethren, it has been a season of good news in my life and in the lives of those around me. Truly it seems like the Scriptures in Amos 9:13-14 is being fulfilled.
Just as Lara George sang, I am truly acknowledging God for who He is, and for ALL He has done and is doing in my life and in the lives of my loved ones. Words are inadequate to express my gratitude to Him! And since this is good news season, I pray that everything you are waiting for becomes a testimony quickly in Jesus name. I also pray that God will pleasantly surprise you and do things that you didn’t even pray for in Jesus name.

Good news galore!!!

Moving on, during the time I was away, I got tired. Can you imagine? A whole Superwoman-wannabe got tired! Yes, I got tired. I am not sure what the main reason for the fatigue was but I was very tired – physically and mentally.
Let me tell you how tired I was – I was in boxing class (yup, I am still at it and I am not sure I am leaving EliteBox Fitness anytime soon) and halfway through the class, I legitimately thought I was going to faint. I started seeing double and it felt like I was going to throw up. I am not sure why I thought the solution to this situation was juice (hahahaha, at least it was not ice-cream, lol) but I quickly asked for some juice, took a few gulps and then barely managed to finish the class. I thought it might just have been low blood sugar levels (even though I had eaten well all day) so I did not pay too much attention to it.

A few days after, I went for my swimming class at Dolphin Swim School and that was when I knew the fatigue was deeper than sugar level matters. I arrived at the class ready for greatness as I had finally made it to the deep end the week before, and I was looking forward to completing multiple laps across the pool like the dolphin that I am, lol. Right? Wrong! That class was an absolute disaster. I literally would swim halfway and just sink. People, it was bad. I just could not move my arms and kick my legs – I would just stop midway and drop to the bottom of the pool. Then I would walk back to the shallow end and try again. Error! The one time I made it to the deep end, it was with plenty water coming out of my nose, mouth, ears, eyes, everywhere. It was not pretty at all.

After these 2 incidents, I decided to respect myself and just take a break. I finally realized that my body was telling me to slow down and if I didn’t heed its advice, I could have broken down big time. I was not able to go on leave/vacation but I stopped all physical activities (no boxing, no running, no swimming), minimized non-critical work and just allowed my mind and body to rest. I spent the weekend(s) primarily being horizontal on my bed and just breathing. I did not even try to read any books or do any ‘time-investing’ activities. I was not over-analyzing the time being ‘wasted’ or thinking about all the other things I could be doing to save the world – I just ate and slept and was merry. Selah! #lazyyouthactivities.

After the mini-break, I felt slightly re-energized, rested and ready to go again ( I still need a proper vacation o!). Although I was thoroughly embarrassed by my swimming class flop, I went back there 2 weeks later determined to try again. I was very tempted to just give it up altogether but hey, my mama didn’t raise a quitter (plus money had been paid, value must be extracted, lol)


Moral of the story – listen to your body and make time to rest. Only the living can add value – Amen! Let me ask you – how do you know when it is time to take a break and how do you rest?

The VLOG is live!!!!!!!  (Watch it right up here) People, this is a great day! The first recording for the vlog was done in November 2017 after I came back from Zimbabwe, but in the true nature of blockbuster movies, this took a few months to complete, lol.

‘Shortly’ became 6 months *smh*

When I realized I would not be able to finish the editing before the end of 2018, I called for help from one of my filmmaker friends.

*Press pause*

Brethren, it is important to have a very well-diversified network of friends/acquaintances o. My network is not only made up of strategy and finance professionals, I also have filmmakers, fashion designers, deep philosophers, tech giants, spiritual heavyweights, physical heavyweights and co in my life. If you are going to go far, you will need plenty help from plenty sources – best believe it!

*Press play*

Anyway , I asked Michael @amapsalmist  (you should watch his short movie – Penance ) to come and help my vlogging ministry so I could finally post about my Zimbabwe trip. This thing is WORK!(not the type Aunty Rihanna was dancing to o) Is it the amount of thinking that goes into the storyline or the number of takes you have to do to get an error-free recording or the number of power poses you have to do to get into the mood when all you want to do is sleep? Kai – it is hard hard work! We were recording on a Friday night at 10pm in someone’s office after a meeting I had there. Kai! I have absolute respect for people who release vlogs on a daily or weekly basis and make it seem like play.

Behold my vlog messiah – Michael(AmaPsalmist)

Massive shout-out to some of my favorite Youtubers – Eniola Tito Abumere (Mr Cool, Calm and Collected who doubles as a Love Doctor, lol), Adenike O Adebayo (her screening room reviews of some of our favorite web series from NdaniTV are epic), SisiYemmie (the madam at the top who has been at this game for AGES!) and Akah Nnani (I miss your vlogs man – come baaaaack !!!)

After this experience, I promise to never take anyone’s vlog for granted again – the hours of work that go into a 10-min video is just unbelievable. And I hear it does not necessarily get easier (*puts hand on head*) – I just might stick to my IG stories (see Rwanda ones here ) and leave the vlogs for the full-time elders.

So please watch the vlog (now begging like a contestant on a music reality show, lol) and kindly leave your comments/feedback here or on the Youtube channel (whichever is easier for you). I am keen to hear what you think. I am also keen to know what you prefer – IG stories or Proper Vlog? Let me know. (God, please let them say they prefer IG stories so that I can have a good reason not to do this vlog thing again – thank you Jesus in advance, lol)

With Tolu  – my sistooo from wayy back during our Ericsson days.

What else? Yeah, I was in Joburg a few weekends back and had the good fortune of reconnecting with old friends and meeting new ones at the airport.

With my beautiful birthday mate – the Faratastic Fara❤!
With T-Mama and T-Boy❤

I absolutely love running into people at the airport – it is always a better use of time than spending all my money in Duty Free, lol .

Met Muyiwa in person for the first time at the airport – after months of being IG friends!

Alright, what’s next? After a few months of living it up in Lagos and facing my work squarely, I am excited about my upcoming trip to Lebanon with NaijaNomads! Brethren, I cannot keep calm o! Especially after reading about their Morocco Easter trip, I am earnestly looking forward to Lebanon. I think it is going to be truly amazing.

When they send you a brochure for your trip, you know it is going to be EPIC!

Again, I would like to know – how do you take time to rest, especially when you don’t have the luxury of going on vacation? What do you think about the vlog? Do you prefer the IG stories to the vlog?


p.s – I finally got to write this post on a flight from Joburg to Lagos. I am convinced that my writing mojo is best activated when I am on a plane high up in the sky! We just need to fund this inspiration source now, lol.

p.p.s – I forgot to include some of the fantastic photos from Zimbabwe in the video, so I decided to put them here- Enjoy Zimbabwe through the lens of my faithful iPhone and Edem’s hi-tech camera 🙂



The majestic Vic Falls – peep that rainbow 🙂


Some more falls

Just before sunset on Zambezi River


The gorgeous sunset



This is my attempt to take a NatGeo worthy shot! See my elephant friend?


Not sure why but I like this picture but I do – one day I will learn how to use a hi-tech camera properly

Helicopter Views
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