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VALEDICTORY SPEECH Career and Professional Women Conference “Beyond the Glass Ceiling” – May 15-16 2018   Covenant University Career Fair – 17th March, 2018   Running in heels –  March 2nd, 2018 Proverbs 31 Woman – 24th February, 2018 Dauntless Conference- 27th August, 2017 Evolving Woman – 1st July, 2017 Letter to a lady tweet Chat- 26th May, 2017 Upgrade 3.0 – 6th & 7th May, 2017 International Women’s Day Tweet Conference – 8th  March, 2017 Beyond Ife – 11th February, 2017   Would you like me to speak at… Read More


Travel Diaries: Tales from Country 38 and how to cover 4 countries in 9 days Hello friends and welcome to my birthday month – whoooop!!!!  This post is long overdue sef – I wrote it …Read More Adventures of Ms Kemz – the ‘how I almost missed my flight’ edition Guys, what I am about to share is nothing short of a miracle. I fly a LOT and I know …Read More Tales from Lebanon (#37), group trips and December travel plans Sooooooo, I was sitting at a lounge in… Read More

Life Lately: Lagos Living, Easter plans, my aso-ebi hack & more

Hi guysssss!!! It’s great to be back. It has been a roller-coaster period at work, especially since I started a new project and had so many other things going on at the same time. But we thank God for monitoring spirits (you know yourselves, lol) who did not relent in asking me the golden question – ‘when are we getting a blogpost?’ every single week! Now I am back to share what has been happening in my life over the last 6 weeks (chai, has it really been that long… Read More

Life Lately: How I spent my last holiday (Dec 2017)

Happy New Year joyful people of Kemi’s Blog land!!! My heart is so full of JOY and positive expectations for 2018! I see promotions, new streams of income, business expansion, new relationships, engagement & wedding rings, babies, celebrations, growth, and so much more in 2018! Do I hear an AMEN??? Anyone who attended primary school in Nigeria would remember that every time we returned from a break/holiday, the very first English Language class assignment would be to write an essay on ‘How I spent my last holiday’. Right? So, in… Read More

Life Lately: November highlights and the December Giveaway

Hi guys!! I am so excited about December – I can’t even keep calm. It has been a very busy period at work but that has not made my excitement about December wane one bit! But before we get into December matters, let me do a quick recap of my November. Going on a digital detox. I took most of the month of November off social media (yup, second digital detox for the year) and it felt so good. On some days, I felt a little left out of whatever… Read More

Life lately: Losing a loved one, New York, London and more

*long post alert* Hi guys! Thanks for the overwhelming response to my last post – WOW! I looked at the number of views and I was just humbled. Thank you for making vulnerability easier and for sharing your own stories of growth in the comments section. Another BIG FAT THANK YOU for all the birthday wishes, prayers, calls and messages. God bless you. *long emotional post alert* Hmm, on to this post. I won’t lie, I am really struggling to put my thoughts together. I had been so excited to… Read More